“a clarion voice” — Associated Press
"This is as fine as it gets with big league pop" — Skope Magazine
 "Immense vocal range". "The sheer allure of Moriber’s vocals elicits comparisons to Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne, and Carrie Underwood." — NeuFutur
"This is music intended to stand and last” —Bandblurb
 “Noted for her powerful voice, Ms. Moriber’s sound is pop-y yet haunting. Her songs blend the dramatic strength of Evanescence with the upbeat pop of Katy Perry” — Examiner
Moriber’s songwriting deserves praises for maintaining focus while peppering the song with a handful of thrilling crescendos that will invigorate all but the most cynical of music fans." — Gashouse Radio
“'While her pipes are impressive, she never overwhelms the marriage of voice and music. Astonishing voice and spot-on instrumentation” — indiemusicreviews
"Sensational". "Dangerously attractive" — New York Times




" For individuals that wish to hear samples of her music, visit YouTube. While there are a number of original compositions that have been posted, we are the biggest fans of The Sock Song  and  In Every Song  . It is during these efforts that Brooke’s immense vocal range can best be heard. However, Brooke is immensely talented on the synth and contributes substantially to the narrative created by the tracks as well as the harmonies that are weaved through each effort. Dangerous Love is a track that effortlessly ties together pop and more electronic / dance tracks; the sheer allure of Moriber’s vocals elicits comparisons to Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne, and Carrie Underwood. The track is destined for high rotation, while the frenetic energy of the track will have listeners on the edges of their seats from beginning to end. There are enough twists and turns to Dangerous Love that one will be able to spin it throughout the end of spring and deep into the summer months. " 

— NeuFutur

"Earlier in the evening I saw Brooke Moriber perform. Moriber is a Broadway veteran who is embarking on a career as a solo artist, and her current sound has both rock and pop influences. Oh, and it goes without saying that with her background in musicals she has some really huge vocals.

Sometimes when an artist has a voice that begs to belt out every lyric they can overpower a band. The good news is Moriber’s band is seriously kick ass, and on this particular night they matched her in intensity, which is no easy task.

Although I don’t have footage from her Pianos performance, check out this clip of Moriber singing “In Every Song” from a previous show. The song is off of her upcoming EP, and was one of my favorites from her set."


 NYC Scene Report, Adam Bernard


"Innocence- plus a clarion voice - is provided by Brooke Sunny Moriber as a fresh- off- the- farm ingenue, whose naivete quickly evaporates."

                    — Associated Press

"Brooke Sunny Moriber has an exquisitely radiant voice, which is gloriously showed off in "The Lights of Broadway". Based on her performance here and in last years Parade, I have no doubt this actress is going places."

                — Amazon.com

"Brooke Sunny Moriber has a lovely, cloying, desperate quality as the ambitious jail bait who sings about "The Lights of Broadway"."

                    — Newsday

"Toni Colette and Eartha Kitt are wonderful as usual, but the best parts are Tonya Pinkens as Kate and Brooke Sunny Moriber as Nadine. Amazing!"

                   — Amazon.com


"Brooke Sunny Moriber is especially effective in a small role as Chaplin's first wife, Mildred, showcasing supple and fluttery vocals."

                    — San Diego Union Tribune

"Brooke Sunny Moriber is a lovely singer as Charlie's deceptive first wife, Mildred..."

                   — North County Times

"Brooke Sunny Moriber is deliciously indulgent as Chaplin's first wife Mildred."

                   — Culture Mob

"Special mention must be made of Brooke Sunny Moriber, who plays Charlie's first wife, Mildred Harris."

                   —  SDTheaterscene.com



"It's Brooke Sunny Moriber who should ave everyone talking. A dependable stalwart in the New York musical scene fora few years now, she really comes into her own as a ravishing star with a paint peeling belt. She beautifully captures the soul of a woman who must spend most of her life in the wings, and makes good songs with predictable titles like "Girl With Too Much Heart" or "What Do I Do Now?" sound not only great but emotionally incisive. Bring a sweater for the offstage ballad ("My Place in the World") she sings the second act - it's chill inducing in all the best ways."

                    — Talkin' Broadway


"Euan Morton is sensational and so are the players around him: Brooke Sunny Moriber as Caligula's sleepmate sister."

                     — The New York Times

"Also excellent is Brooke Sunny Moriber as his sister (and lover) Drusilla."

                      — Talkin' Broadway


"The lusciously voiced Brooke Sunny Moriber..."

                      — Talkin' Broadway

"Brooke Sunny Moriber remains charmingly wide eyed even as Sally sinks in to depravity."

                       — NYTheatre.com

"The appealing, big -voiced Brooke Sunny Moriber."

                        — Backstage


"I was most touched by Roberts's duet with her younger self (Brooke Sunny Moriber)."

                      — Time



"...but it's Brooke Sunny Moriber as the cold blooded Mindy who almost steals the evening.

                    — Backstage

"Embodied by a first rate ensemble that features Melissa Errico and Brooke Sunny Moriber... the most dangerously attractive supporting cast currently on a New York stage...Ms. Moriber as Mindy, a blithe babe who will do anything for money."

                    — The New York Times

"Brooke Sunny Moriber stands out as Mindy. She's beyond terrible as the anything-for-money girl who demonstrates the extremes to which Dan's theories can lead."

                     — Curtain Up

"Mindy is not even above murder if the price is right. This working girl is portrayed with chilly efficiency by Brooke Sunny Moriber and her naked victim by Carlos Leon, best known as the father of Madonna's first child."

                    — Associated Press

"The remainder of the cast - most notably Melissa Errico and Moriber - lend creepy verisimilitude to Shawn's take on decadence."

                     — Theatermania

"The supporting players, especially Moriber, are all strong."

                     — Broadway.com

"Moriber's ability to transform herself from sexual dynamo to vicious mercenary renders her interactions with Leon dynamic and riveting." 

                     — Off-Broadway


"Jenkins' croak harmonizes sweetly with his slinky stage wife Brooke Sunny Moriber's croon on the utterly lovely "I Think It's Going to Rain Today."

                     — Seattle Weekly

"Mr. Jenkins shows us how much these "Stupid Little Songs" contain of this one man's life. Terrific singers like Lovena Cox, Allan Louis and Brooke Sunny Moriber deliver them with taste and talent."

                  — Aisle Say Seattle

"Addressing racism ("Rednecks"), slavery ("Sail Away"), religion ("If We Didn't Have Jesus") and other matters, these droll, catchy odes are performed with gusto by Jenkins, Lovena Fox, Allan Louis, Brooke Sunny Moriber, Jeff Trachea, Cathy Richardson and William Katt, able singers all."

                 — Seattle Times


"Note that young, talented, Brooke Sunny Moriber is now essential casting for many serious, difficult, arty, ...musicals. She's been prominent in Parade (with Carver), LaChiusa's The Wild Party, The Dead (with Skinner and Champlain), and now Albertine, not to mention the revival of Follies (with O'Hara)."

                — Broadway.com


"Heather Gottlieb and Brooke Sunny Moriber do nicely in conveying the solemn ernestness of young love and social warfare."

                  — The New York Times

"Brooke Sunny Moriber is chilling in her amorality, finding a touching depth in the shallow part she's been given."

                  — LGNY

"The performances of the six young actresses are, without exception, the most vivid of the current Off-Broadway season."

                  — At Your Leisure


"Moriber once again proves herself one of New York's greatest."

                    — Talkin' Broadway